Hi all, I am Pastor Allan Montague J.R, founder of Christian Radio365 (https://christianradio365.com). As the name suggests Christian Radio365 main purpose is to spread the good news through the spoken word, preaching, teaching, testimonies and music ministry 24/7 365 days a year. Christian Radio365 was born out of a vision I had, I would now like to share this vision with you.

One night after my prayer and devotion as I laid on my bed I began to ponder about what more I can do to promote the good news of our Lord, I knew I was sort of doing my part in this regards being a pastor but as I began to wonder even more I began to question myself…”are you really doing enough?” was what I asked myself, isn’t there something more you can do? I began to speak to the LORD and to ask him how I can be of more service to him, what more I can do to reach the world with the good news.

Before I could finish praying, God ministered to me supernaturally and gave me the vision with details of using the net to reach the world with the gospel and not only that, but to encourage my fellow believers through Christian programming 24/7…thus Christian Radio365 was born. I hope this site will be a blessing to you as it has been and still is to so many others. Support Christian Radio365 by sharing with your friends.

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